GENERATIONS – INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, 傳承國際學校 or GERAÇÕES – ESCOLA INTERNACIONAL (“GENERATIONS”) is committed to ensure the protection of personal data in strict compliance with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of Law no. 8/2005 (Macau Personal Data Protection Law).

In this Privacy Policy, we explain what personal data we collect, for what purposes we can use it, with whom we share it, for how long we keep it, as well as ways to contact us and exercise your rights.

GENERATIONS – INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the entity responsible for processing personal data.

1 – Entity responsible for collecting the data

GENERATIONS can be contacted via:

  • email address: [email protected] or;
  • by contacting the premises: Lote 12 do Aterro da Concórdia, junto à Estrada de Seac Pai Van, na Zona Industrial do Aterro de Seac Pai Van, na Ilha de Coloane (MSAR).

2 – What is the personal data collected by GENERATIONS?

Generations can collect your personal data via the website, by e-mail, over the phone or in person, via enrolment and other administrative forms, transferred data from the students’ and/or teachers’ previous schools, among others.

GENERATIONS collects data relating to different categories of data subjects, such as, among others, students, employees, teachers, customers, employees of customers who are companies, representatives of the governing bodies of GENERATIONS and service providers.

The following categories of personal data can be processed by GENERATIONS:

  • identification data, for example, name, nationality, affiliation, marital status, household information, address, photograph, identification document and passport data;
  • academic and professional data, for example, proof of academic degree, diplomas, course letters, CV, title, role, job description, company, office address;
  • professional activity data, such as business activities, process information;
  • contact details, such as phone and mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

In many situations, GENERATIONS is legally obliged to process data from special categories and sensitive data, such as health data, especially from students, to guarantee their physical and mental integrity, well-being and safety.

3 – What does GENERATIONS use your personal data for?

The collection of personal data is intended for purposes mainly related to activities concerning students, holders of parental responsibility, teaching staff and non-teaching staff. It includes data of minor students, represented by the guardian who provides the data necessary for the provision of school services during the student’s stay at the establishment, and data of students of legal age.

Data collection is also intended to:

  • Supply and manage requested services;
  • Respond to requests for information related to GENERATIONS’ services or any other issue which was the reason for contact;
  • Evaluate the quality of the services as getting feedback from the holder of the personal data on their experience helps GENERATIONS to improve their offer;
  • Marketing, by making our services known;
  • To process the personal data supplied via the “CONTACT” form. The data collected is processed for the purposes of answering contact requests.

4 – What is the legal basis for the processing?

  • Prior express consent, given freely and unequivocally and after being fully informed. For example, your consent for GENERATIONS to use, for contact purposes, your personal data sent by completing the contact form available on our site;
  • Carrying out an agreement in which GENERATIONS and the user, in his/her capacity as holder of the personal data are parties, or for any pre-contractual steps requested by the holder of the personal data;
  • Compliance with any legal obligations which GENERATIONS is subject to, and which are anticipated;
  • Legitimate interests pursued by GENERATIONS or third parties, such as data processing to improve the quality of the services provided.

5 – Who is the intended receiver of the personal data?

  • Certain Public Entities (in compliance with the applicable legislation or in the execution of the educational public service, GENERATIONS may have to communicate the personal data of students, teachers, employees, among others), namely the following:
    ✓      Direcção dos Serviços de Finanças;
    ✓      Direcção dos Serviços de Educação e de Desenvolvimento da Juventude;
    ✓      Direcção dos Serviços para os Assuntos Laborais;
    ✓      Fundo de Desenvolvimento Educativo.
  • Other entities: the furnishing of information or provision of services by GENERATIONS may involve using the services of subcontracted third parties in the processing of your personal data. This could mean that such third parties have access to your personal data.

    In such circumstances, GENERATIONS will only use subcontracted entities that offer sufficient guarantees that the technical and organizational measures will be carried out to ensure that the processing complies with the stipulations of the data protection legislation. These guarantees and obligations of the subcontractor will be established by a signed agreement between GENERATIONS and one of these third parties.

    GENERATIONS will ensure that such transfers of personal data are carried out in strict compliance with the applicable legal regulations for the protection of personal data.

6 – How long do we keep the data?

GENERATIONS only keeps your personal data for the period needed to achieve the purposes which motivated their collection. It is always in accordance with the law and guidelines of the law 8/2005 (Macau Personal Data Protection Law).

7 – What are the rights of the holders of the data?

As regards personal data processed by GENERATIONS, the holder of personal data has the following rights, to be exercised in terms of the applicable legislation relating to personal data:

  • The right to have access to his/her personal data;
  • The right to rectify his/her personal data;
  • The right to erase his/her personal data;
  • The right to limit the processing of his/her personal data;
  • The right of portability of the personal data furnished by him/her;
  • The right to oppose a particular way of processing personal data relating to him/her.

When the processing is based on his/her consent, he/she has the right to withdraw this at any stage, without compromising the lassitude of the processing carried out by GENERATIONS based on the consent given previously.

The holder of personal data also has the right, in all cases, to lodge a complaint with a controlling body.

Note that the right to refuse requests for data erasure is reserved, if the deletion of information interferes with the provision of services or the exercise of educational activities, under the legal terms. Requests for the deletion of data related with the administrative and pedagogic management of the students and teachers will not be considered.

8 – Policy regarding cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text archive which identifies your computer on our server. Cookies in themselves:

  • do not identify the individual user, merely the computer used;
  • are not used to collect personal data;
  • help to determine the usefulness, interest, and number of searches on the GENERATIONS site, resulting in faster and more efficient surfing;
  • analyze traffic with the aim of improving our service.

How to manage the cookies?

Browsers of the web enable some control to be exerted over cookies through the configurations of the browser.

Most browsers:

  • enable cookies to be blocked;
  • can also help you to erase the cookies when you close the browser. You should note, however, that this could mean that any ops-outs or preferences defined on the site will be lost.

To know more about cookies, including the way to see how cookies were created and how to manage and exclude them, visit which includes information on how to manage your configurations for the different suppliers of browsers.

9 – Changes to the Policy on Privacy

GENERATIONS reserves the right to update or modify this policy on privacy at any time, especially in order to adapt it to changes in legislation. Any such changes are published on the site.

10 – Other Information

GENERATIONS is not responsible for any harm that might occur in connection with information contained on this site. Such information is merely informative in nature.

All the contents of the site (in particular the texts and images) and their respective rights are the exclusive property of GENERATIONS.

11 – Doubts?

If you have any doubts about any of the issues dealt with in this policy on privacy, please contact us by:

  • email [email protected] or;
  • write to us at this address: Lote 12 do Aterro da Concórdia, junto à Estrada de Seac Pai Van, na Zona Industrial do Aterro de Seac Pai Van, na Ilha de Coloane.