Trilingual Education

Recognizing the importance of communication, and the role of languages in this process and even in the history and identity of Macau, GENERATIONS purposedly invests heavily in the language skills of its students through an innovative and ambitious trilingual programme, with English as the first language.

It is, thus, the School´s objective that all its students should be the given the full range of opportunities and means necessary to, upon graduation, achieve effective fluency in the three main languages it teaches in: English, Portuguese and Chinese.

Individual Learning Plan

GENERATIONS also recognises that, when first enrolling in the School, each student has his/her own knowledge level of each language, and this should not be a cause for any concern about their proficiency upon their graduation.

To ensure that all students can reach the required level at the time of their graduation, GENERATIONS relies, from day one, on an Individual Student Plan and on a small number of students per class, allowing teachers to give the necessary attention to each student and promote their necessary learning.