Generations proposes to help create citizens with an open mind, who are creative and supportive, capable of engaging in continuous and flexible learning. The aim is to lead them to their future journey of unique discoveries, not only for the sake of their personal sense of achievement, but also collectively, as instruments for achieving the objectives of peace, cooperation and development.


To promote the relationship and empathy between different generations, striving for mutual knowledge and respect, diversity and empathy towards everyone


To defend the preservation of nature, learning about “green energy”, recycling and the circular economy


Promoting responsible, informed, knowledgeable and reflective citizenship, defending peace and stability, progress and sustainable economic and social development


Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, preparing them for practical life

Higher Education Institutions

Preparing students for further studies in higher education institutions in English, Portuguese and Chinese, among others


Nurturing our students with their love for the homeland and their sense of belonging to the Society of which they are part of, in solidarity with all its participants