Generations Founding Parent

Eng. Henrique Marques

Being a parent for the first time is a challenge. Being a parent for the first time in a foreign country, with a different mindset than the one with which you were raised, makes it even harder.

We found in Generations International School a safe location, with an educational project that better suits the aspirations for a modern world student. A place where a child can be a child, where the teaching is based on first-hand experiences and to where our kid rushes to go every morning with a smile on his face.

The improvement of our kid during the first year in his new school was impressive. Much came from the individual study plan arranged by all professional staff, as well as the reduced number of students per classroom, which allows the teachers to properly focus on their work and motivate the kids to participate on the various daily activities.

Generations Internacional School is a “breath of fresh air” to Macau, where the competitiveness sometimes forgets that everything in life has its time, and that children deserve to be children.

Generations Founding Parent

Matthew Wallace

When looking for a school for our son, we wanted a place that would appreciate his character and celebrate the individual differences among the students. We found that at Generations. The school lets the kids be themselves, while helping them achieve their learning and developmental goals. One reason this is possible is the positive environment at Generations. Our son feels comfortable exploring his curiosity and is encouraged to do so by skilled international teachers and a supportive, forward-thinking school leadership. Our son also benefits from the curricular focus on whole-child learning and the understanding that learning is a process of development. Generations prioritizes students’ well-being to foster a positive sense of self and give them the confidence needed to be successful. From this solid foundation, the school builds physical, social, linguistic, and academic skills and abilities. This approach has been very effective, as our son is happy and confident and has developed significantly in all areas of growth since we joined.

To guide the learning process, Generations uses a unique and effective tool: the individual learning plan. The plan, completed by teachers in collaboration with parents, includes observations across multiple dimensions of learning and development, carefully thought out goals for future development, and specific methods to be undertaken to achieve those goals. This systematic approach to learning allows us to clearly see how much our son progresses throughout the year, what to aim for moving forward, and how to get there. The results of this method are clear, as our son possesses a joy for learning, an eagerness to attend school every day, and a clear record of personal development. We are immensely pleased with our experience at Generations and thrilled to be a part of the community.